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CentIS is an integrated rating and policy processing system. With CentIS, you will issue policies, schedule declarations and mandatory forms, and produce DEC packages. Plus, you’ll have the ability to endorse, cancel, reinstate, renew, expire, and audit policies. CentIS can easily bring up previously printed items for reference or reprinting. CentIS handles company-defined payment plans and installments, tracking who paid how much for what and when. Pro-rated premium-bearing endorsements and out-of-sequence endorsements are all part of the system. CentIS keeps a detailed policy history and notes. Personal and Commercial lines of insurance are included: homeowners, farm, mobile homeowners, standard fire, and church policies. Multiple locations, which can be confusing to track, become easy to see in CentIS.

CentIS features a multi-location, multi-state, multi-product comparative rating sytem. Rates, products and underwriting, are loaded from the master files, which are setup by you. Quotes and applications are completely filled out, from your on screen questions, greatly enhancing data accuracy and underwriting efficiency, which can then be printed or e-mailed.

The Insurance industry is drowning in a sea of paper! CentIS helps to integrate the documents for any policy, by allowing you to scan and attach directly to the policy. No need for a separate scanning system, or another database to track the paper. CentIS attaches applications, quotes, photos, PDFs, DEC pages, audio, video, and endorsement forms to the policy record. Whenever you open that policy, you can view each of these documents in the CentIS viewer. When CentIS creates reports, they are first shown in PDF and are attached to the policy (if that’s applicable) or e-mailed directly to the agent (where that’s appropriate).

CentIS' reports are both comprehensive and easy to use. Every report begins with filters and choices to narrow to your specific needs at that time. You can create a focused list of Current Policies, by Agency, by Company, by State, or by time period. You often can choose to sort a report by number or name or other criteria. CentIS is flexible according to each type of report.